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Steve Bannon considers Cryptocurrency, a liberation into free world.


The best notion about Bitcoin lies in it’s financial freedom since it’s a decentralized platform, not under the supervision of any government, censoring bodies and banks. And if you closely follow the trends, most politician tend to put a ban on it or put forth a plan to implement regulations, since cryptocurrencies threatens their authoritative rule. But once they fall out of the overwhelming power, they, like Steve Bannon, start noticing the economic significance and the liberating ideas behind it.

The ex-chief strategist of Mr Donald Trump, Steve Bannon has now publicly stated that Cryptocurrencies can be that liberating technological boon which can free the western world from the grip of the powerful banks and dominant political parties.

“Central banks are in the business of debasing your currency..Central governments are in the business of debasing your citizenship.” He also reaffirmed the citizens that taking control of Central banks away, will give the commoners power again.

Mr Steve Bannon is the former executive chairman of Breitbart News, which is considered to be of crucial importance in bringing Mr Trump to power. Steve was addressing a total of 1,500 right wing Europeans in Zurich, Switzerland last Tuesday. He is out on a tour in Europe to spread the message of economic nationalism to inspire the popular political parties of the region to emerge victorious.

Bannon has also mentioned that not just central banks can be defeated with Crypto’s help but the powerful and mighty corporations like Google and Facebook can be pulled down from their strength. He believes that allowing these big establishments to access our private information has been a wrong stance. This has turned a commoner into mere serfs. However,the rising Cryptocurrency Industry will allow these powerful bodies to get a reality check and give the commoners the liberation, that they have always claimed for.


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