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Compliance in Cryptocurrency For Hedge Funds Offered by Blockchain Terminal


A platform has developed a terminal to help institutional investors and hedge funds buy and trade cryptocurrency with ease, all the while delivering transparency and compliance through state-of-the-art technology.

The terminals boast large monitors that provide instant access to critical information, and they’re furnished with USB ports so hardware wallets can be accessed. Mobile and tablet versions of the interface are expected to follow, meaning real-time data can be accessed on the move.

This comes as interest in cryptocurrency among hedge funds continues to grow at a steady pace. A recent study by BarclayHedge found 25 percent of managers are already investing in cryptocurrency or intend to begin doing so in the coming six months. Meanwhile, a further eight percent are exploring the possibility.

Compliance as a cornerstone

In its white paper, BCT says that the 2008 financial crisis and headline-grabbing cases of fraud, when coupled with the high fees that investors are paying for diminishing returns, have transformed attitudes when it comes to transparency, accountability and compliance.

The cornerstone of its platform is ComplianceGuard technology. Pre-installed on every terminal, BCT says it is “designed to exceed the most robust hedge fund industry compliance requirements.” The system has been tested through pilot installations at 20 hedge funds.

There’s an app for that

To ensure that security requirements are satisfied and quality is consistent, all apps will be approved by BCT before they are released to the community as a whole. Based in the Cayman Islands, BCT will be advancing the terminal to its full potential.

Everything is brought together by the BCT Token – and two types “co-exist” within the ecosystem. As well as the native BCT Token, which is used to power the ledger, an ERC20-compliant token allows users to subscribe to applications and access services.

The rollout begins

BCT is hoping that 200 Blockchain terminals will be delivered to hedge funds and other financial institutions by April 2018. The BCT public pre-sale is ongoing, following a successful private presale and airdrop, the company said.

Its team members are traveling the world, attending crypto and fintech events to help spread the word. With stops in Germany, South Korea, Israel and Malaysia already completed, BCT representatives are now planning to attend conferences in New York and California come April.


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