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NSA’s Secret Bitcoin Love Saga revealed by Edward Snowden and more


Besides Bitcoin, ‘ban’ is another word getting equally popular in crytpo community. After Facebook and Google, leading microblogging platform, Twitter, is now considering to ban Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related ads.

Many leading banks including the Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Lloyds bank, Bank of America and the HDFC bank have already barred their cards for purchasing Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

The news of Bitcoin banning has become common to the extent that it does not apparently affect the pricing anymore but positive news do. Bitcoin, which entered the week at $8.2K, is currently trading at $8.9K.

After Google And Facebook, Twitter May Also Ban Cryptocurrency-Related Ads

After Facebook and Google, leading microblogging platform, Twitter, is now considering to ban Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related ads.

Twitter’s new advertising policy will be implemented in two weeks. The policy will prohibit advertisements of initial coin offerings (ICOs), token sales and cryptocurrency-related ads on the microblogging platform globally.

ClearTax Partners With Cryptocurrency Exchange Zebpay

Indian tax filing platform, YC-backed ClearTax, has partnered with Singapore-based multi-cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay to help investors deal with cryptocurrency taxation.

Commenting on the partnership, Archit Gupta, CEO and Founder of ClearTax said, “With our expert-assisted plans, created in partnership with ZebPay, we aim to clear the air around digital currencies and become top advisory in all matters crypto.”

NSA Worked To Track Down Bitcoin Users Across The World; Snowden Leaks Classified Documents

Former CIA official Edward Snowden has now released NSA interim report dated in March 2013, a classified document which states how NSA had managed to find ways to ‘track down senders and receivers’ of Bitcoins.

As per Intercept, the data source appears to have leveraged the NSA’s ability to harvest and analyse raw, global Internet traffic while also exploiting an unnamed software programme that purportedly offered anonymity to users, according to other documents.

The NSA even managed to collect Bitcoin users’ password information, internet activity and MAC address,  which is a type of unique device identification number.

While the covert operation aimed to track down terrorist activities, the memo suggests NSA kept tracking some Bitcoin users too who were nowhere associated with terrorism.


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