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The Worst Cryptocurrency Scam of All is Plagiary


There’s a 99% chance that you’re reading these words on And there’s a 1% chance that you’re reading them on some other cryptocurrency site. It might have a similar name to this one, or it might be called something entirely different. But whatever its name, it wasn’t responsible for producing this content – it simply copied and pasted it from Some people call plagiary the greatest form of flattery. Others call it the worst fraud of all.

Crypto Copycats Are Copying Cats

There’s a fine but very important line between copying and plagiary. Copying is when you take another person’s idea and make it better. Plagiary is when you take another person’s idea. When Charlie Lee created litecoin, all he did was reproduce the bitcoin code and reduce the block time from 10 minutes to 2.5. It was copying, but he didn’t try to pass it off as his own work, and in the years since, the litecoin codebase has significantly deviated from bitcoin.

A Plagiary on Both Your Houses

Copying is human nature. Plagiary, on the other hand, is the worst scam of all. It betrays a dearth of imagination and it’s infecting every sphere of the cryptoverse. ICOs copying chunks of their competitors’ white papers verbatim (here’s looking at you Dadi and Tron); cryptocurrencies copying the ethereum codebase and passing it off as their own (ohai there Tomochain); crypto blogs copy-pasting articles from and publishing them without shame.

No One Likes a Thief

Every time an ICO gets busted for copying a white paper, they’re the only losers. Because the crypto community are very good at spotting fakes, and if you try to pass another’s work off as your own, some internet detective will take pride in calling you out on it. Similarly, for every site that reproduces this article, and every other article published by, the loss in traffic is negligible. But these copycat sites can forget about their Google ranking, because Google doesn’t look twice at sites that publish duplicate content.


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