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50 Cent: A Bitcoin Millionaire


Curtis Jackson, who is well known by his rap alias 50 Cent, built the most unbelievable resumes of all time. He overshadowed the hip-hop picture in the 2000s, initiated world-famous rap clique G-Unit and now is a bitcoin millionaire. According to a report from Los Angeles Times, he was the first major musician to accept Bitcoin payments. He accepted the payment through cryptocurrency for the first time in 2014 for his album ‘Animal Ambition’. Though 50 Cent’s crypto chronicles started completely unintentionally.

The sale of his fifth studio album was disappointing as compared to his previous projects. But among the 205,000 copies which were sold, a portion of it was paid in bitcoins, summing around 50 Cent which was about 700 bitcoins. In mid-2014, the price of one bitcoin was $662 i.e. he was paid around $450,000 for the album. Later the price of bitcoins raised to $10,000 with continuous fluctuations between lows and highs of nearly $20,000. And this huge rise in the prices made Jackson a millionaire with a net worth of $7 million to $8 million.

After the news circulated that 50 Cent has millions of dollars, he told the audience that he completely forgot about his crypto wallet. He also wrote ‘Stay with times. Technology is what changing the business. I take money, no matter if it is coins or dollars’. And it is obvious to say because time and technology are all that brought him to this fate today.


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