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$50k Bounty For A Developer To Create An Universal Wallet Application


Blockstack And Shapeshift Offering $50k Bounty To A Developer Who Can Create A Decentralized Universal Wallet Application!

Yes, you read it right. Last year, a Signature Bounties campaign was launched by Blockstack. The aim was to offer rewards for individuals or the teams who would build a decentralized platform. And now, the company has announced its partnership with the peer-to-peer to exchange ‘Shapeshift’. And collaboratively, both the companies are offering $50k Bounty to a developer who can build a universal wallet application for them.

Blockstack was formally known as Onename and is a well-known network which was established with an aim to create decentralized applications. The company focuses on combining various application layers with the internet. In September 2017, a Signature Bounties campaign was initiated by the company with an amount of $25 million for the project. The idea of bounties is to reward the software developers who can build the required platforms and applications.

And this time, a new bounty of $50,000 in collaboration with Shapeshift is evolving. Consequently, the aim, for now, is to innovate and create a decentralized universal wallet application for the entire cryptocurrency community. Blockstack’s Xan Ditkoff explained:

Our company aim to bring the best in front of the cryptocurrency community. And, we believe that collaboration between projects and teams will enhance the pace and quality of innovation. And thus, we Blockstack and Shapeshift are adding values to each other’s works. Hence, we decided to partner with each other and bring in something more innovative. We will reward $50k to an individual or team having the best open source wallet app. The app must use Blockstack for authentication, storage and encryption and Shapeshift’s API for token exchange.

The Deadline Is Near For The Bounty!

The bounty for the decentralized wallet app was launched two days ago by both the companies. And the deadline issued for the same is June 25, 2018. Furthermore, the app will be judged on the basis of the submission requirements, the application creativity and whether it is easy enough to be used. Hence, following are the pre-requirement list which the company has already issues:

  • The wallet must be open source.
  • It is must to use Shapeshift’s API.
  • Blockstack’s encryption must be used.
  • It should be simple enough for the users to adopt it and navigate it.

Therefore, the app fulfilling all the requirements and having best results would be rewarded.



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