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6 ways Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are altering Entrepreneurship.


With cryptocurrency boom almost impossible to ignore, there are no signs of slowing down. Blockchain-based exchanges of information and tokens are releasing a new realm of possibilities for entrepreneurs. The rush to create innovative business solutions -faster, more secure and more transparent is on. The blockchain is already heavily contributing to real-world advancements in the world of entrepreneurship.

  1. Increased Access to Entrepreneurship Education
    Citizens from different walks of life are becoming increasingly interested in entrepreneurship. Due to the paucity of time and resources, the bright ideas can’t be realized in reality.

    The need of the hour is satisfying the needs of new entrepreneurs by providing flexible, reliable and affordable educational options to help them develop the skills needed to launch their businesses.

    SuccessLife uses blockchain tokens to offer video content, digital courses and personal coaching to aspiring entrepreneurs, covering topics such as management and investment techniques exhaustively. With the help of token’s immutable ledger and automatic smart contracts, the transactions that provide these educational opportunities are cost-effective and reliable. Now, entrepreneurs only need an internet connection.

  2. Unlocking Crowdfunding Opportunities
    One of the blockchain’s most noteworthy contributions includes its effect on crowdfunding campaigns. Mostly driven by community campaigns, blockchain startups raised $5.6 Billion funds in 2017. This model had proven to be so successful that it attracted plenty of mainstream investment.

    Despite the success of blockchain-centric crowdfunding campaigns, the traditional crowdfunding market is still extremely inefficient. Only a minor 1.9% of campaign funds go to developing countries with 78% of campaigns. Thus, some innovative companies have combined blockchain technology with traditional crowdfunding to empower the entrepreneurs around the globe.

    By providing the second-generation open marketplace for new ventures seeking crowdfunding, Acorn Collective is a great boon for entrepreneurs. A primary screening needs to be passed for any new legal project, then a pitch can be made on the Acorn Platform. With the aid of Blockchain, the process is made transparent and accessible from any region. On the platform, a crowdfunding engine helps entrepreneurs drum up marketing support, maximizing the chance of a successful project.

  3. Provision of user-friendly financial tools
    Upcoming ventures are using cryptocurrencies in addition to fiat currencies, in order to manage to finance, whether that takes shape of a token sale or raising funds through adroit trading in crypto exchanges. Managing multiple fiat and crypto accounts, however, has always been a painstaking task. Built by a  team of exchange technologists and entrepreneurs, Zerta is a next-generation trading platform. It connects an exchange, crypto and fiat wallet, and a bank within a single ecosystem.

    With the ever-increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies, it is vital to focus on education and ease of use, especially within financial services. User- friendliness is the focus for Zerta. By providing personalized and customizable interfaces it helps users of various experiences levels send and receive payments, trade,  and engage with a community of like-minded people, the purpose will be served.

  4. Cultivating new investment opportunities
    Entrepreneurs in every industry are eagerly exploring new ways to diversify their investments. The introduction of coin-based transactions is throwing light on new possibilities. For example, Muirfield has decades of experiential acumen in providing private equity investment opportunities.

    Now, as blockchain becomes increasingly common across industries,  it is rumored Muirfield will launch its own Tokenised Asset Offering in 2018.

    Not only do token-based opportunities open up the doors for new entrepreneurs to buy assets, facilitating a TAO has also ensured that the laws and regulations regarding security tokens are strictly adhered to.

  5. Development of Customer-loyalty platforms
    In order to nurture business-customer relationships, many entrepreneurs try to create customer-loyalty problems, but such programs require technological headaches and bookkeeping hurdles. Blockchain resolves this by developing low-stress customer loyalty programs, also rewarding repeat customers with special incentives and fostering close relationships.
    The automatable transaction ledger can be used to keep a track of customer interactions and adjust customer’s loyalty status appropriately.
    Blockpoint is such a service that allows users to quickly set up blockchain- based loyalty programs to integrate with their existing businesses.

Creating reliable agreements
A mutually supportive relationship helps entrepreneurs thrive in a network. Many of these relationships, take the form of official and unofficial contractual agreements. When these agreements fall through, entrepreneurs struggle. A product launch could be ruined if a deal with a manufacturer collapses.

By utilizing signatures and smart contracts affordable options for entrepreneurship are available seeking reliable legal contracts. For example. DocTailor helps customize legal agreements and smart contracts by offering tools for users.


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