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600 Bitcoin-mining computers stolen in Iceland.


Reports state that a hefty number of 600 unique bitcoin mining computers has been stolen in Iceland. Police are hopeful that a power surge will guide their course and redirect them back to the detesting criminal reserve.

Not only the mining computers but almost 600 graphic cards, 100 processors, 100 power supplies, 100 motherboards and memory cards have also been found missing.

As per reports stated by The Associated Press and Visit, these supplies have been stolen by an excellently organized group of thieves who worked together in cooperation to accomplish the task. And among these criminals, 11 have been already been arrested and two are in custody. But there has been no sign of any of the stolen products and police are still on search.

These supplies were stolen between the ends of December and beginning of January and were captured by Advania’s surveillance cameras. Advania is renowned company in Iceland which supplies the required server and has been the place of theft for two of the three total stealing. The other theft occurred from a home where graphic cards, processing devices were stolen.

Recently, the company has been promoting an offer of Bitcoin mining rigs and all assumptions indicate that these were the items that got stolen. The computers were worth of nearly $2 million and this comes as a huge setback to the company and it’s progression.

This was a large scale theft and one of the very firsts which has never been seen before in Iceland. According to Police Commissioner, Olafur Helgi Kjartansson, this must have been a pre planned, highly organized and pre-informed attack to be conducted with such ease.

Since, it will consume a huge amount of power to turn the computers on, police will now be tracing the energy consumption and track the location on their devices.

No further comments has been made on their part.


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