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ALAX Pitches the Advantages of Its Platform to Developers


ALAX, a blockchain based mobile gaming platform, is gearing up for its Token Generation Event (TGE) that will start on April 17.

As part of its promotional activities to sell its offerings to its target market, the platform recently rolled out a detailed post on its blog to present its advantages to its core potential users: gaming developers.

alax presents its benefits for game developers

ALAX mentioned that by the usage of its platform, game developers can rest assured in the knowledge that they can get paid for the development of a successful application without having to wait to receive their compensation over an extensive period of time – which is one of the most pressing problems amongst the software and gaming development community.

The platform also mentioned that it will work towards developing a profit sharing mechanism which ensures the utmost transparency for all involved parties and removes the bias factor across developers and publishers.

Further details and technical functionalities of these operations can be seen in the project’s whitepaper.

During the TGE that it plans to hold, ALAX will see the issuance of 1 billion ALX tokens.

These ALX tokens can then be used to acquire ALA tokens, which are tied to fiat and used for in-platform purchases on the ALX/ALA exchange. The details of this mechanism are published in a one pager.


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