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BCH to upgrade to the biggest block size ever


In about three weeks,the block size of Bitcoin Cash will be upgraded to 32 MB, adding supplementary features to the existing system. At present, the Bitcoin community is waiting for the final agreement between the members as the functional teams are releasing new codes and the developers are looking forward to upgrading the existing blocks sizes for complete utilization of the system.

An upgrade to 32 MB Block size: Biggest upgrade ever

On 15th of May, BCH will be upgrading to the biggest block size ever made, at about 12:00:00 UTC. The BCH developers are immensely enthusiastic about the the release of 32 MB block size, since this upgrade will be biggest block size ever used in history.  This upgrade is going to be affordable to any nation and will allow the developers to keep a standardized transaction system. As per the recent data, BTC is 10.73 times expensive than BCH. This upgrade which will be occuring next month, shall provide an enlarged space that will hold all the transactions for the coming years.

“This release implements Bitcoin Cash, compliant with the latest hard fork (May 15, 2018), including 32MB blocks, extended OP_RETURN data, and additional opcodes”, stated the BU team.

Good News: More additional features to come for the BCH community 

Along with the increased Block size, other supplementary detailing will be added in the BCH chain which has overwhelmed the community. Op_Codes and OP_Return sizes have been added by the developers into the BCH system. Not only this, the features of tokenization and programing smart contracts are available through the chain.

The Bitcoin Community has a lot more to look forward to after these innovative changes are made available. The ABC teams are preparing the UTXO changes and the ABC and XT programmers are getting together through a PID controlled algorithm. Seems like there is a lot more to happen amidst the Crypto landscape.


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