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BHCV Blockchain firm collaborates with SG Blocks to Construct Data Centers


According to a press release dated April 1, BHCV (Blockchain Holdings Capital Ventures) has joined hands with SG BLocks, which mainly uses containers specific for cargo in construction in order to develop its multi-container data centers. Blockchain firms which mostly concentrate on energy, real estate, and technology firms will be the only collaborators with SG BLocks in constructing decentralized data centers. Reports suggest that the pilot of the project is expected to float in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Sooner or later, BHCV also intends to open a channel for distribution in order to systematize the production of data centers. The firm plans to develop 150-200 such data centers by the end of 2020. Most of these data centers will be fixed. However, the firm also intends to create mobile data centers. Mobile data centers would cost a lot less to launch and would be more flexible as such data centers can be parked in rural areas radically reducing down the cost of electricity.

Found in the year 2007, SG Blocks primarily develop construction solutions which are sustainable with the use of cargo containers used in shipping. Some of the prominent clients of the firm are Starbucks, Marriott, Equinox, Taco Bell and the U.S. military.

Recently, three swiss based firms namely Blockimmo, proptech company Elea Labs Ltd and Swiss Crypto Tokens Ltd. supervised a real estate transaction based on blockchain worth 3 million Swiss francs. In total, the deal subsisted a restaurant and 18 apartments.

In February this year, the County Auditors Association of Ohio built a working group in order to evaluate blockchain’s use for effectively transferring property deeds. The group will also be examining how blockchain can enhance the management efficiency for transactions of real estate and transfers of land titles across numerous counties.


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