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Bitbox to host two BCH oriented hackathons.


Mr Carlos Cardona from Bitbox has reported that two Bitcoin Cash oriented hackathons are coming up in the next few days to establish an innovative applications community together with the help of decentralized system.

Bitbox plans to conduct two BCH hackathons on April 21st and May 15th. Carlos, the developer of Bitbox, tells that Bitbox is a vent of tools that supercharges BCH workflow. He says, “It consists of a one-click Bitcoin Cash blockchain, command line utility, and a javascript API which lets you accelerate how quickly you can create an amazing application”.

According to Cardona, utilizing the right opportunity is the means of empowerment and acceleration of the Industry. He firmly believes that doing this the right way will mark the growth of the Sector.

What the Hackathons intend to do:

The April 21st hackathon is going to detail about “networking, setting up development environments and on-ramping devs to the Bitbox work flow”. May 15th Hackathon will usher an immense opportunity for the sector since it is providing exposure to international media outlets and press houses.

The hackathon of May 15th will put together the recent features of BCH which includes the increase in the 32 MB block size limitation, new and restructured OP. Each event has two BCH prizes, one BCH for the first position, 0.5 for the second and 0.25 for two of the runner-ups.

“The Bitbox toolset is general purpose. If your app needs any type of BCH integration at all from entropy and mnemonics to transactions to signing messages and much more, BITBOX is the solution. We have scaffolds for react, angular, nextjs and nodejs which let you bootstrap a basic BIP44 wallet in any of those frameworks in under a minute to help get people up and going”, says Cardona.

He is optimistic of the success of the events since a lot of energy and hard work has been vested in them.


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