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Bitcoin Futures witnesses an Increase in Volume but not Crypto-Derivatives


The Chicago Board of Exchange and Chicago Mercantile Exchange have been promoting bitcoin based products since the last few months. In all probabilities, the bitcoin off-shoot is going to be around $9-9,4K USD. However, the good news is that crypto-based trading volumes are increasing.

Bitcoin Futures witnesses an Increase in Volume but not Crypto-Derivatives.

The Bitcoin futures markets have been speculated to not show much change in it’s trading. This week will bring the termination for Cboe’s bitcoin derivatives for the month of March and the current trading is between $9.490-8.820. According to statistics, Cboe’s contracts are going to see the highest volumes in March and for the coming three months. CME Group has been consistently selling 1000 a day and as per the numbers, it might as well be stated that the previous exaggeration about Bitcoin futures market has actually affected the spot market.

Nevertheless, Cboe’s contracts have witnessed an increase in the volume in the month of March and the closing data is going to be above $10,978 for daily volume. CME’s other products haven’t been as popular as this but they have been sticking to 1000+ per day.

According to analysis, Cboe’s futures in the month of June will have a leap of 330 percent and about $9,250 per XBT. Previous month’s data for CME Group’s bitcoin futures witnesses a Trai service of 410 percent and valuation at about $9,370.

It has been speculated that futures business and traditional trading firms are not able to comprehend the volatility of the market. Terry Duffy, CEO of CME seems to not worry about the Bitcoins futures not meeting the expected mark. He believes even though the Bitcoins future market is growing slowly, it’s still fine. He believes this market is going to be a slow grower but there’s no looking back for it. The CME Group has been advised to reduce it’s margins. But Duffy says, that step would be the last thing he would want to do.


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