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A Bitcoin Infused Playlist Launched –


What Is

Cryptocurrency is now reaching every genre and this time, it is the jukebox. Recently, a developer has launched a new bitcoin infused web application called ““. Let us know what really it is and how it works. is an online Jukebox. Now, what is a jukebox? A jukebox is a classic machine that allows the people to play music from the device when they deposit coins into it. Traditionally, it features a global playlist shared in real time and plays a list of chosen songs in succession. Every person who is near the Jukebox can also hear other people’ s songs in the playlist.

On the other hand, is a similar machine-like Jukebox which anyone can simply use by paying a small amount of BCH. Thus, is nothing but bitcoin oriented Jukebox. The developer of this application explained last week that;

I wanted to let people know that it is very easy to incorporate bitcoin cash into webservices. And hence, I decided to create this application and now here it is.

How Does The Application Works?

The app consists of a selection section with a ‘plus and music symbol’ which allows the users to select the music of their own choice. Furthermore, the centre switch has a skip button to offer the users a facility to skip the song if they don’t like it. The users are also provided with all the features which include the addition of songs, deletion of songs, search songs of your favourite artist and many more.  In order to add any track, the users have to pay in BCH. And for this, a QR code would appear and you have to proceed with making the payment.

Play Music on a Bitcoin Cash Infused Global Playlist gives a BCH address and QR code so users can add their favourite tracks to the global playlist powered by bitcoin cash.

Undoubtedly, this app is just another cool idea which has been a part of bitcoin cash ecosystem. The app has joined the stream with JoystreamTipme BCHCointextTippr BotMemo. And in the coming future, we can definitely expect some more innovative ideas to join this stream.


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