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Bitcoin logo gets a place in the karate combat league.


Owner of a well known web portal, the karate combat, has launched a ‘Professional Combat League’. It is a league where the best fighter wins with his own unique skills of fighting.

Now you will be questioning the relationship between the Combat League and Bitcoins. The relation is surprising as the middle of the fighting ring where the tournaments takes place, constitutes of a big logo of Bitcoin.

The reason behind the logo is that a non-profit organization called has sponsored the karate league in order to spread the popularity of Bitcoin among the audience as Martial arts and karate has become very popular these days. Participation of 30 countries from all round the world, comprising of 100 fighters shall give the Martial arts fans some show and dazzle them thoroughly. To add the cherry on the cake, the best team will also present themselves in the Olympics of 2020 in Tokyo.

According to the CEO of karate combat, Michael De Pietro, “Approximately 50 million Americans have participated in Karate at some point in their lives with an even greater worldwide following, yet no professional league exists”. This initiative has created history for being the first league of its kind, making Bitcoin uniquely popular and making the general public aware of it.

Recently, a picture of the Combat League’s fighting ring was published in an online publication of Sports. It’s no doubt that  the white coloured symbol of Bitcoin is visible and gaining attention.

The league could be a huge success and a stepping stone towards the future adoration of Martial arts as well as that of Bitcoins.

Awareness of the beauty and strength of the historical and ancient Arts among the fast growing generation can be patronized through the league. Bitcoins’ symbol at the centre of the ring will be a highly talked about matter, seeking attention from the audience and spreading awareness of bitcoins on a positive note.


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