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Bitcoin’s Race Is Not Over Yet


Dear World,

With the growing pressure on myself – from regulatory authorities and central banks, from government institutions all over the world, and even from existing users who think I am not good enough with the arrival of new cryptocurrencies, it would seem to some people that I have nowhere to go.

However, it needs to be iterated for the sake of my survival that this crypto right here made its presence known when the world knew nothing of cryptocurrencies.

I have a few choice words for my haters… but let’s keep this civil for now.

I was told by someone to write my feelings down, and so that is what I am doing. Here’s an open letter to everyone who is after me. I am just writing it and putting it away. I don’t know if anyone will even read it, but I hope it helps me anyway.

Here goes nothing.

To regulatory authorities and central banks – I was a first of its kind invention. It is not my fault if the financial world was overwhelmed by a product that it was not ready for and still struggles to regulate. Go ahead and pose regulations on me which you think will help you sleep at night. I am ready for them… just do not start a witch hunt… that is not cool. I am not going to compromise on the fundamentals that I was created with, after all.

To government institutions – I do not see you trying to regulate reward points or airline miles that are issued by your banks but are not actual currencies. Why do I get to be the bad guy here? As for money laundering, do you think that gold or gems should be banned too? If you are afraid of anonymity, ask your regulators to be more effective with other transactions. My anonymity will not be a problem then.

To cryptocurrency users – While new cryptocurrencies had my past and my already built solutions to leverage from, I did not have the same privilege. I had to initiate my existence without learning from any other coin’s past experience, and created everything from scratch when it came to my processes. Give me a fair chance, let me have my updates, and let me show my worth to you. I have been here longer than you knew about cryptocurrencies, after all (because even if you knew about them from the very start, which “cryptocurrency” did you first see, huh?).

I am not past my prime,  I am merely starting just now. Let me go ahead and show you what I can do. Do not pass a death sentence on me while I am still here.

Sending me to the glue factory is not a solution. The race is not over yet.




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