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Bithumb to launch Kiosks in restaurants and cafes.


Bithumb, a Korean cryptocurrency exchange, is ready to get into the Kiosk business to hasten up the progress of Crypto in the country. The kiosk machines which takes orders and allows payments, will be established in cafes and restaurants so that checking the menu, placing orders and transaction of payments are made easier. And guess what the good news is? Cryptocurrency is one the the paying options.

South Korean leading exchange, Bithumb has made a public statement regarding the introduction of “Touch B” brand and employing the Kiosk deals. Kiosks are self-managed support systems which allows customers to order and pay for the food.

“Bithumb has agreed to supply kiosks to food and beverage franchise stores, small restaurants, and cafes under the brand Touch B, in partnership with kiosk manufacturers” said an eminent member of Bithumb.

Kiosk business will enable a beneficial and low cost rent to smaller businesses. Bithumb has assured that it will continue to work on blockchain technology and provide services and partnerships to businesses looking for a break to progress and set a foundation.

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