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Bitmain May be Developing Mining Facility in US


There have been reports that the mining company and device manufacturer Bitmain has been developing a data facility  in the area of Port of Walla Walla in the Washington state. Ant Creek LLC is a firm based in Tumwater, Washington, and the active company was logged as an LLC on June 28, 2017. The for-profit Washington company’s record ownership is filed under Jihan Wu’s name.

Washington state in the U.S. has seen a surge of interest over the past few months due to cheaper electricity rates. For instance, a city called Wenatchee which is three hours from Seattle is becoming a mining epicenter. Allegedly the small town is home to a dozen miners, and over 75 have inquired with the head of the local power utility, Steve Wright. Chelan County in Washington is considering hosting mining operations in that area as well.

As far as Bitmain’s Ant Creek is concerned the Port of Walla Walla’s Executive Director, Patrick Reay has said that  he has been working with Ant Creek for roughly six months. Reay explains that the development is a “blockchain facility.” The town of Port Walla Walla is considering the lease of 40 acres of land between two industrial parks. According to the local news the Port’s bureaucrats the “bitcoin mining” project could produce $7-10 million in private revenue and 15-20 full-time jobs.

“Our purpose is to generate assessed value and create jobs,” Reay explains in an interview.

The Port’s Director details that the lease will be roughly $4,166 USD per month and a $535 state leasehold tax. Further Ant Creek will help develop certain property requirements like storm drainage, and water lines in line with the Walla Walla County building statutes. Bitmain Technologies is also strategically setting up facilities in Canada and Switzerland this year.


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