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Blockchain and IOT Will Change The Way We Live And Work – PM Modi


The latest trends have shown the importance and impact of Blockchain and IOT on the growth and development of this planet. But this time the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi also has some words to say for blockchain and IOT. On 22 February he said that the innovative technologies such as Blockchain and IOT will have a huge impact on the way ‘we live and work’. Apart from this also mentioned that the rapid adaption of these technologies will be needed to keep up with them in our workplaces.

After the Inaugural Ceremony of the 22nd edition of the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT), he spoke through a video conference that ‘our workplaces need to undergo rapid adaption of these technologies. The citizens of the workforce should be properly trained in the right direction and a keen focus should be there on the enhancement of their skills.’ He mentioned about the National Skill Development Mission launch in India which aims to prepare our children and youngsters to do something productive in their coming years. He also mentioned the need for the ability of re-skilling as per the new technologies emerges out in their ways.

PM Modi also mentioned about the Robot Sophie who was one of the speakers at the conference and reflected the potential of new emerging technologies. He reflected the need of modifying the nature of jobs in the time phase where the world is quickly moving towards advancement and automation. He also congratulated the software body Nasscom for introducing the world to the eight key technologies like artificial intelligence, IOT, Big data analytics, virtual reality, blockchain etc. These technologies are a huge platform for the innovators, investors, technocrats etc.

He said that he is quite sure that the skills of the future platforms would be a great help to the country for maintaining the competitive edge in the long run. India has over 1 Lakh villages are linked through an optical fibre, 120 crores Aadhaar holders and over 50 crores internet users. All these attractive features make India the best place to utilise the power of technology.

He also put a light on the government initiative Digital India and said it is now no more a part of government’s initiative and has not become a part of everyone’s way of life. He said Technology is an inseparable part of this world. Where most of the times a policy is a success because of the government’s efforts, this time Digital India is a success due to human’s efforts. In order to ensure the digital literacy of the country, the government has introduced the Pradhan Mantri Rural Literacy Mission which aims to train 60 million adults about digital technologies.

Thus The Prime Minister of our country is even standing as a pillar to support his point on the technologies like Blockchain and IOT. All he aspire is to see the country’s growth in each and every direction either it is technology or literacy.


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