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Blockchain Technology in Voting to be Introduced by Thai National Tech Development Center


According to the Bangkok Post, NECTEC of Thailand has come up with an e-voting system revolving around blockchain technology. This is a government organisation which functions under the nose of the Ministry of Science and Technology and National Science and Technology  Development Agency. NECTEC ios majorly into promoting IT and telecommunications, Computing and Electronics.

As the people of Thailand are getting more tech-savvy, the blockchain e-voting technology can be used along with the traditional voting system. All the votes cast by the Thais will cTheonnect with the new technology as soon as 5G is adopted. Head of the cybersecurity lab at NECTEC, Chalee Vorakullpipat said in one of his statements that ‘Nectec developed blockchain technology for e-voting that can be applied to national, provincial or community elections, as well as business votes such as the board of directors. The goal is to reduce fraud and maintain data integrity.’

Vorakulpipat further went on to say that ‘for the system to function, it requires a controller, voters and candidates.’ in correspondence with the technology, the controller can verify the candidate’s qualification and his voter identity. While verifying the voters through mobile cameras, voters will be able to vote by email.

However, with all the pros, the technology also faces a few cons. With this technology in place, the entire process of election can be made faster but at the same time, ensuring that all voters have access to their identity verifications and a mobile internet connection will become time-consuming.

Vorakulpipat stated that it is only possible to deploy the blockchain voting system for a short-term and specifically in a closed environment. He added that this entire system could be repeated for elections of smaller sizes at various organisations like province and committee board and universities.

Blockchain e-voting technology is gaining popularity in various countries across the globe regarding organising a secure and safe election process. Previously, in the United States, the State of West Virginia conducted an election voting process through mobile blockchain voting system for Virginians stationed overseas serving the armed services. The Election held in West Virginia was highly appreciated and got a lot of positive response. Other countries like Swiss and Japan have also conducted blockchain votings in various elections.



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