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Brits unsupportive of cryptocurrency issued by the Central Bank


A survey established a fact that about two third of the British community is unsupportive of any cryptocurrency that is presented and issued under the Central bank. It has also been discovered that a major part of the Brits are aware of Bitcoins. However, a surprising fact has been uncovered that about one-third of the participants have seeked for a regulated digital coin in order to invest in it.

The analysis and the survey proves the point that crypto awareness has become more widespread in United Kingdom. A total of 93% Brits are having the knowledge of Bitcoins which was about 80%, last November.

The online survey, which was directed by D-CYFOR, learnt that the Brits are not yet ready to bestow their confidence on the central banks. 60% of the total participants are totally unsupportive of the Central Bank’s introduction of their own cryptos.

The survey also revealed that half of the professionals from the financial sectors of UK are interested to invest in more cryptocurrencies. The participants were also enquired whether they would prefer investing in any other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoins. 14% of the candidates answered that they would invest in BCH, 20% said that they would invest in Ethereum, 6% in Ripple and 5% mentioned their interest in Litecoin.

The British people’s unenthusiastic approach towards a government centralized cryptocurrency is not just their own sole perspective. The Governor of the Bank of England, Mr Mark Carney, has stated that he is strictly against the idea of the central bank introducing its own digital coins. However, Carney’s statement comes from his very own disapproval and critiquing of Bitcoins since he believes that the Cryptocurrency sector is a failure and an unrequired economical means when it comes to keeping the traditional value of money alive and a disabled sector when seen as a method of exchange.


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