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What is Businesscoin? New Blockchain Company Launches Its ICO


With the number of new projects hitting the cryptocurrency market almost every other day, it is hard to keep track of every new platform that tries to pitch its operations to you.

However, some of these projects stand out and stick with you for a while in terms of their offerings, whether it is due to their good ideas, their absurdity, or their ambition.

The latest project whose idea has the potential to remain with you for a while is Businesscoin. Whether it does that in terms of being good, bizarre or aspiring is up to the reader to decide.

What is businesscoin? what does businesscoin ico entail?

At first glance, Businesscoin seems to be a marketplace for different services and products ranging from tourism and travel, to furniture and electronics.

It also offers a real estate marketplace where it will list real world properties for their buying, selling, and exchange operations.

Along with these separate marketplace applications for services, goods, and real estate, Businesscoin also offers a wallet service where users would be able to access their cryptocurrencies and make transfers through the execution of smart contracts.

As if that was not all, Businesscoin will also offer an internal exchange service with trading pairs of BTC-USD, something which its press release that is being circulated on various platforms would describe as defined below:

“BNC Exchange is an internal exchange which support converting BTC-USD, BNC-BNC, BTC-USD, BTC-USD, BTC-USD, BTC-USD, … in just a few seconds.”

The company also mentioned that it has a separate app for each of the aforementioned services.

Businesscoin is going to hold its initial coin offering (ICO), where it is going to offer its native token, BNC, to its investors. The BNC is to be used to fuel operations on the network.

The ICO will run from March 20 to May 3, 2018.

The company’s website was inaccessible at press time.


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