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CasinoCoin Launches Android Wallet


CasinoCoin, a cryptocurrency that is developed with regulated online gambling in mind, recently rolled out its Android mobile wallet app on the Google Play store.

The wallet is the first from the cryptocurrency, which aims to be the primary token for its targeted niche. As per recent updates from the company, it has just upgraded to a new blockchain which is based on Ripple’s source code.

Iis aiming to be the go to cryptocurrency for online gambling

After what seems like a period of hibernation, the company is once again employing relevant efforts to establish itself and its brand within its targeted community. As a part of those efforts, the team behind CasinoCoin relaunched the cryptocurrency’s website recently as well, and now aims to continue with and build upon those efforts to ensure that the brand keeps garnering credibility in order for it to become the primary cryptocurrency in the online gambling industry.

With the new wallet and CasinoCoin’s move to the new blockchain, it was reported that it now has the “capability of up to 1,000 transactions per second, and average confirmation times of 3–5 seconds.”

The community associated with CasinoCoin does not seem to be that large, but since the coin is back in action by the looks of it, frequent updates could be expected from its team.



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