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Child Pornography On The Bitcoin Blockchain Is A Fake News


The tech news of this week involved a very major part covering the news about Child Pornography (CP). According to mainstream media reports, Child Pornography has permanently been encoded in the bitcoin blockchain. Anyone who downloads the blockchain directly gets an access to child pornography. But is it really a true news?

Well not. The child pornography on the bitcoin blockchain is a fake news. It is hard to recall for anyone about how bitcoin was branded initially. Sometimes a tool for terrorists, drug dealers and even child pornographers. These terms were expected to be related to blockchain in the past years. Even, the very last week the U.S. Senate  Representative Brad Sherman expressed his hope regarding a crypto attack. He said that the cryptocurrency panel would reassamble immediately after there had been a terrorist attack governed and funded by cryptocurrency. And this week, we had another breaking news about the pornography of the worst kind. The abstract released in a new research paper says that:

“Blockchain consists of arbitratry data ranging from short messages to pictures. Since each participant has to replicate the complete blockchain, particularly including potentially dangerous content and even does not come without the risk of users. The analysis of the new reseach paper reveals that certain content like illegal pornography can render the possession of a blockchain. The analysis also reveals that more than 1600 files on the blockchain over 99% of which contains texts and messages conisists objectionable content such as links to child pornography, which gets distributed to all blockchain users.”

This all sounds a bit fatala and has given an alarming headlines to the paper. But this is not the reality. The child pornography on the blockchain is not a news and is not new either. It first fetched the attention in the year 2013 and after six years it again revived back. The newspapers are flourishing all the false hypothesis regarding the possibility of encoding information from the blockchain.

A research paper which was published in July 2017 called Data Insertion in Bitcoin’s Blockchain unvealed this topic in detail and explained how the coinbase data is arbitrary and can be upto 100 bytes in size. Only the miners have the capability to insert data into these bytes. However, beleiving that CP is present in blockchain is something one should not approve of.


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