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Coinbase ‘Explores’ Listing of XRP, Cardano, EOS and Others


Coinbase, one of the best crypto exchange in the cryptoverse is looking for ways to provide trading support to over 30 cryptocurrencies. According to a Press release on 7 December, cryptocurrencies like XRP (Ripple), EOS and Cardano are some of the currencies Coinbase intends to add on the platform. The question everyone has been asking is “What is the future of ripple?” Well, it would be safe to say the future of ripple looks great. XRP currently holds a value of 0.21$ and has a market cap of over $8.25 billion. The circulating supply of XRP out of 100 billion coins is 38.34 billion.
Apart from the mentioned currencies, Coinbase has plans of including NEO, XTZ (Tezos) and up to 31 new currencies on the platform. According to Coinbase, ‘it will be working with local banks and regulators to add them in as many jurisdictions as possible.’ Coin base further went on to say that just the presence of cryptocurrency in the list does not determine whether the cryptocurrency will be added because different coins can face various restrictions once their evaluation is finished. Coin base stated that ‘Adding new assets will require significant exploratory work from both technical and compliance standpoint, we cannot guarantee that all the assets we are evaluating will be listed for trading. Furthermore, the listing process may result in some of these assets being listed only for customers to buy and to sell, without the ability to send or to receive using a local wallet.’
In the month of September, Coinbase made an announcement informing about a new listing process to allow it to add digital assets much faster than before. Coinbase emphasized on a point that the new procedure would only apply to digital assets which work on their principles and regulations. What does this essentially mean? It means that certain assets which are listed by Coinbase might be available only to customers of just a few countries. Earlier, in the month of November, Coinbase added ZEC (Zcash) and ETC (Ethereum Classis) to its platform.


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