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Crypto Market Had A Rise!!


Cryptocurrency Witnessed Some Slight Recovery In Prices!

The cryptocurrency markets have been witnessing some continuous low in the prices and have been nurturing losses as all the digital assets fall significantly. But now the good news is that the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies witnessed some slight recovery on Tuesday. The morning of April 3, 2018, finally brought some luck to the crypto market and for crypto investors as well.

Currently, the entire cryptocurrency economy is trading $13.1 Billion USD in a time frame of 24 hours. Besides this, most of the coins have seen some gains over the past few days. The current statistics of Bitcoin per USD markets are up by 5.5 percent. Moreover, the trading volume of bitcoin is still flat as all the traders are swapping approximately $5.5 Billion is trading over the past 24 hours. Bitfinex, Okex, Binance, Huobi, and Upbit are the top five exchanges which are felicitating these crypto trades. All these five trading platforms are exchanging more than $150 million and even more than this over the globe.

The Japanese Yen has captured gradually 50 percent of the global Bitcoin volume over the past few weeks. The Japanese Yen currently commands 56.4 percent of the world’s trade maintaining the case same yesterday as well. The US dollars (22.1%), tether (12.7%), South Korean Won (3.2%) and Euro (3%) are also following the similar trends. The most traded coin against bitcoin currently on the peer-to-peer platform is BCH. While tether USDT is still the second most traded digital currency for the last couple of weeks.

Some slight differences in the crypto market were indicated by the technical indicators in the last three days. The 200 SMA trendline is indicating that the bears are now exhausted and the participants are temporarily increasing. The Relative Strength Index has slightly approached the 70 zone. This indicates some bearish sentiments in the card after the run-up. All in all, the crypto market, in general, is witnessing some gains asserting various digital assets.


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