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Crypto-scams on Sports gambling sites.



The Australian Government is speculating some misdeeds in sports websites based on Bitcoins and have decided to investigate into it. Justbet is one such website which is under strict supervision since it’s registered domain belongs to Australian Island Territory but the IP address can be tracked in Costa Rica.

The CIDA has registered the Justbet website and the administration claims to be a Non profit company that looks after providing internet service to the Christmas Island. The Insertion of  a ‘.cx’ address generates an illusion that it belongs to Australian laws and regulations. However, the IP address has been traced and the origin of the company has been found to be San Jose, Costa Rica. Moreover, none of the gambling commissions of Australia seems to approve of the company and it’s proceedings.

The Tasmanian government’s intervention presented an information regarding this. Mr.  Andrew Wilkie, a government authority, reported of a speculated law-break, following which the Australian Communications And Media Authority initiated an investigation regarding the company’s illegal actions.

A member of ACMA commented that the Interactive Gambling Act does not allow unlicensed regulated interactive gambling services, such as online betting services provided without a license issued by an Australian State or Territory from being offered in Australia.

The CIDA has initially reported that unless the government or any local authority passes a notice, it could not un-register the company. Even if a formal complaint was lodged by any commoners, the CIDA could take their decision based on that. Mr Andrew Wilkie, said that the website needs to go down as soon as possible and CIDA should responsibly look after the situation and ensure that such scams should not repeat again.


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