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Crypto transactions are down.


The Crypto performance was really heartbreaking for the months of January and February. According to reports, there has been an intense fall in the number of appearances of interested traders at the outlets.

The February visits at the Crypto trading centers have declined sharply. On a general note, even though the numbers looked fascinating in December 2017, it has become almost half of that in February, replicating the scenario of what it looked like in November, 2017.

As per the Similarweb tool, the number of traders who visited Coinbase had fallen by 49% in February, from 123.5 million to 63.1 million. Kraken witnessed a fall of 56%, declining from 31.7 million to 13.8 million by February. Binance on the other hand, fell from 191.5 million to 87.3 million, a drop of 54%. Similarly, Bitfinex  had dropped 48% , from 35.4 million visits to 18.3 million.

BTC Transactions are down.

The web visits at Bitcoins had fallen half of what it was in January. The weak performance of the leading Cryptos could be the only possible reason behind this fall. The 2017 numbers and immense success of the Crypto must have heightened the expectations of the investors and hence, the 2018 fall has just messed up their expectations.

The data obtained from the web analytics also suggests that the decline might also be due to the less usage of the Cryptos. In December 2017, almost half a million BTC trading was occurring each day and by February, 2018, it had declined to 200,000. However, the less number of visits seemed to have lowered the costs down.


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