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Cryptocurrency might turn to be the future of fighter’s restitution.


The Red King, Rory MacDonald has taken the course of  a new brand, Dash, a Cryptocurrency firm that assures of anonymity and faster transactions.  It claims to stand unparalleled amidst the lengthy procedures of confirmation and provide never-before-seen speed.

MacDonald has always been enthusiastic of virtual coins and in 2017, Jeff Smith made an effort to seek his partnership for Dash. Both of them belong to British Columbia and Smith has a training in Toshido Fighting and MacDonald has just started with martial arts.

Like any other Cryptocurrency that’s been showing volatility, Dash’s payout has shown similar traits as well. But since Dash was onpassed, the initiation at a six figure sum is extraordinary and an attraction for many. Smith is affirmative that if the fighters come to  know how much these sum is, their phones won’t stop ringing.

Smith feels that virtual coins are not interpreted rightly. The coins are not under regulation or any government or banks. And this makes it a perfect platform for the fighters to take the risk in order to earn a better compensation.

“What I’m starting to get now is that there are these fighters that are realizing that this alternative method of payment is available, and that’s really kind of starting to resonate throughout that community because they haven’t had that ability before..  I want to advertise with you, but I also want to put some of our money into the fighters’ pockets as well or even into the fans’ pockets, so we’re working on some … very interesting models with how you can do all these things”, said Smith.

MacDonald has been widely texted and tweeted on various social media platforms to learn about the Crypto sector and the fact that the fighters are immensely enthusiastic to embrace cryptocurrency is overwhelming for him.

He wants to help the fighters and do the necessary promotions for it. But the ultimate goal lies in bringing the digital assets in use and fighting for the currency is one of the best ways to exchange it.



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