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Cryptocurrency Rankings in China shows BTC Slip While EOS Maintains the top position


The most substantial government-sponsored cryptocurrency rankings have been released by the Chinese government, according to which, BTC is ranked 18 and the top spot has been given to EOS (domestic blockchain platform). These rankings were published in a press release dated December 21.

In the month of May, CCID (China’s Center for Information and Industry Development) which operates under the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information was the first to list these rankings. Thirty-four top cryptocurrencies have been listed on the grounds of basic tech, creativity and applicability. The results frequently obtained witnesses controversies essentially with regards to the consistent average ranking of Bitcoin.

According to CCID, EOS maintained its position at the top since June, followed by Ethereum in the second place. GXchian (Data economy startup), A Chinese domestic project was listed third in the ballot.

According to CCID, ‘Public blockchains with high performance and support for general application development are generally ranked high’. CCID further went on to say that ‘Among the top 10, four public chains adopted graphene architecture with better performance, six public chains use the dPOS consensus mechanism, and seven public chains support Dapp development.’

In recent months, EOS has been facing and making controversies. According to critics, EOS lacks decentralisation and the ability to perform reverse transactions.  However, BTS (Bitshare) secures the seventh position in the ranking list. It is interesting to note that Daniel Larimer is the creator of BTS as well as EOS.


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