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Cryptocurrency Seed Phrase Visually Encrypted In Revealer Card


Revealer On A Mission!!

Apparently, the crypto market has started witnessing a series of achievements and developments over the years which were likely to be unexpected some years back. Every single day, there is some new innovative development that takes the crypto market one more step ahead. This time, it is a new startup called Revealer. The company is on a mission to develop some sound back solutions for cryptocurrency mnemonic phrases and seeds. As a result, Revealer has very recently launched its first product ‘Revealer Zero’.

What Is Revealer Zero?

Revealer Zero is a very new product which has been launched by a new startup Revealer very recently. It is created by Tiago Romagnani Silveira. It is basically a small card which facilitates the users with a perk to print and store cryptocurrency backups. And the major attraction of the card is that the crypto backups are printed and stored in a visually encrypted manner. Thus, the card visually encrypts and decrypts digital currency seed phrases or any alpha-numeric secret.

Consequently, the secret could be decrypted optically. And this could be achieved without a computer or any special kind of knowledge, explained the company.

How Does The Card Work?

The company also explained the principle working of the card. It says that each Revealer consists of a unique code with 128 bits of entropy which is encoded in hex format. While the last three digits of the entropy represent the checksum. Wherein, entropy is nothing but the randomness found in the operating system of the computer. This entropy is utilised in various types of computational cryptography which includes public and private key pairs.

While we talk about decrypting the product provides a deep cold, two-factor backup for every random alphanumeric crypto seed. The encryption dialogue box platform is used to encrypt the cryptocurrency seed with the entropy or randomness. Further, the program visually generates a secret along with the cryptographic scheme which can be printed. This cryptographic scheme is called ‘noise’. The encrypted data could be decrypted as well and the protocol is likely able to be used with an Electrum Wallet Plugin.

Furthermore, the company has said that this product allows the users to encode the cards. And, the startup has virtually no access to the cryptographic secrets and seeds. The company appears to send a raw noise using which the users can generate their secret. Further, this could be encrypted on the computer.

Thus, Revealer zero appears to be an amazing concept which is likely to replace the traditional encrypted cards. In addition to this, it allows the users to secure their crypto-based mnemonic phrases.


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