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Debitum Network (DEB) Debuts on Kucoin


Kucoin, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced that it is adding yet another coin to its trading platform.

The coin in question is DEB from the Debitum Network, a small business financing platform that wants to leverage the blockchain technology in order to assist new and existing small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and mom and pop stores to obtain loans when they need it – especially in situations where it is difficult for them to seek help from conventional institutions.

By doing so, the Debitum Network aims to establish itself as the primary financing network when it comes to small to medium sized loans, that would not only help the platform establish its identity, but actually assist said businesses in staying afloat.

Debitum aims to be the main blockchain solution for business loans

The Debitum Network plans on using the facilities provided by the Ethereum blockchain, such as its usage of smart contracts and decentralized and off-chain applications to facilitate the applicants in an effective and helpful manner.

More information about the platform’s functionalities can be viewed on its website.

Kucoin has debuted the DEB with trading pairs such as DEB/BTC and DEB/ETH.


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