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Egypt found secretly mining cryptos on citizen’s computers.


A report has been published recently which speculates that Egypt has been secretly mining cryptocurrency on the computers of it’s commoners. The report has been released by the Citizen Lab, a laboratory of academic disciplines at the University of Toronto.

It has been clearly stated that the Egyptian are mining cryptos with Sandvine/Procera Networks DPI machines. This network is speculated to have used government-aided units to inject Spyware in Egypt and Turkey.

Along with this, the team has also found that the network has been installing crypto mining script, Coinhive. The lab started it’s procedures by scanning the IP addresses in a few countries and they found that the DPI boxes held most traffic on Turk’s Telekom’s network.

The devices were used to substitute a new direction to the users of Syria and Turkey to a Spyware whenever they tried to download specific windows applications. The team found that identical middleboxes were found at Telecom Egypt demarcation point which were redirting huge number of IPs to crypto mining scripts.

Telecom Egypt has a permanent subscription of about 6 million people. 80 percent of the telephone company is owned by the Communications and Information Technology of Egypt.

The lab has sent documents of their findings to Sandvine and Francisco Partners with a full length of their research. However, Sandvine has objected to the report and claimed that it’s false and misleading.
But the Citizen Lab is affirmed regarding the accuracy of their research and has been confirmed by two other research time.

Only time and extended investigation shall untangle this mystery.


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