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Electronic Arts Co-founder Jeff Burton Joins Dragonglass Mining Platform


With the world being rife with heated discussions on the energy consumption of cryptocurrency mining, one platform has been lobbying for an interesting solution to the problem, which is, to mine cryptocurrency by playing a mobile game.

Dragonglass offers cryptocurrency mining by playing a game

The platform in question Dragonglass, which offers its apps in Android and iOS (through Apple’s TestFlight program), and aims to revolutionize the way cryptocurrency mining is perceived and executed in today’s day and age.

The platform assures its users that they do not need to have technical proficiency to mine cryptocurrencies, as long as they know how to play basic mobile games. Users would not need any special cryptocurrency mining equipment either, since all they need is a mobile phone which supports the app.

The reaction to the solution has so far been positive, and that feeling has grown to the extent where Jeff Burton, the co-founder of Electronic Arts, has joined Dragonglass to back it in its unique initiative.

Jeff burton from electornic arts joins dragonglass for its crypto mining mobile game

Sharing his comments through a video on YouTube, Burton mentioned that how Dragonglass offers non-technical individuals the opportunity to benefit from the technological world of blockchain; how it offers effective learning for blockchain and cryptocurrency through gaming; and how the talented and experienced team of Dragonglass understands the industry, are the main reasons why he is going to back this unique project.

He mentioned that he has no doubt that this project would be a success, and he would be there to help it achieve its objective.

The comments from Burton come just in time for Dragonglass’ initial coin offering (ICO), which is currently live and is offering the platform’s native coin, DGS, to its investors.


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