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The Different Use Cases of Blockchain


Blockchain technology is not just limited to cryptocurrencies or financial operations.

While almost all entities agree to that notion, when new users come to the cryptocurrency space, they need that claim to be backed by tangible examples.

Therefore, here are a few instances where blockchain technology has been utilized in non-financial settings (the inspiration for this post came through a user request).

Non financial use cases of blockchain

  1. Agora


Agora is a blockchain based voting platform that by the usage of the technology, ensures that casted and votes are not just securely recorded, but that they remain transparent and temper-proof so that all parties could agree upon the statistics gathered through the voting process, whether be it on a school-level, city-level, or even high profile government elections.

Agora actually provided its solutions during the recent Sierra Leone presidential elections, providing a very effective demonstration of the use case of blockchain in voting.

  1. Augur

A one of its kind platform, Augur collects data from real people about what they think would happen in the world.

Augur presents questions about real world events to its users, who could answer them and provide their opinions. The company then collects the data and includes it in its forecasting database, ultimately aiming to build one of the most comprehensive forecasting platforms in the world that uses the most transparent technology, blockchain, to ensure that its data remains safe from any foul play.


  1. The Blockchain Initiative by A. P. Moller-Maersk and IBM
  2. P. Moller-Maersk and IBM launched a blockchain-based platform for the shipping industry.

The aim of the platform is to ensure effective tracking of transported goods to make sure that they remain trackable, safe, and free of any foul play.

The supply-chain centric platform also connects shipping centers and ports all over the world to ensure that information can be shared between relevant parties right away without any delays that could cause financial or safety risks to any stakeholders.

By having blockchain as its base, the system will ensure that all recorded data on it is extremely secure and free of any false information. This would go a long way into redefining the shipping industry as we know it.



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