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Elipay from Eligma Piloting Cryptocurrency Usage in Slovenia’s BTC City


Eligma, an artificial intelligence (AI) based blockchain platform, recently announced that it will pilot the usage of cryptocurrency in Slovenia’s BTC City – a shopping and entertainment destination in the city of Ljubljana.

Despite what the name suggests, the BTC City has no relation to Bitcoin, and its name came from its parent company’s organization acronym in 1997.

eligma will use elipay in offline setting over at btc city

To demonstrate how cryptocurrencies can be used as easily as fiat, Eligma is leading this particular initiative in the one of the busiest shopping hubs in the country.

By the help of its supporters and partners, Eligma will allow its users to pay using cryptocurrency through Elipay.

Through the program, Eligma hopes to establish the fact that cryptocurrencies are not just to be “hodled” or to be traded over established exchanges, but can be used just as easily as anyone would use fiat through conventional or debit and credit card transactions.

The Eilgma platform is also notable for its usage of AI within its e-commerce solutions, where it intends to provide the most suitable of search results to its users to match them with the products of their liking, by using state of the art AI algorithms.

The platform is going to hold a presale of its token that will begin on March 20. The presale will be followed by a public crowdsale, due to start on April 17.


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