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Elon Musk signals entry in the Cryptocurrency Market


Elon Musk is one person in the tech world who makes a wave with every action he takes. If there is anything impossible that needs to be done, just assign the task to Elon Musk & watch him work his magic. If owning companies like Tesla, SpaceX & The Boring company was not enough, now Elon is delving in the blockchain & cryptocurrencies. His startup that is digging tunnels to create underground pathways for California is now accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum & Litecoin as payments.

The Boring Company is undertaking the mission to reduce the traffic logjams in LA County, California by building underground tunnels facilitating motor transport. Besides building tunnels The Boring company also manufactures & sells products like hats & flamethrowers which can be bought from the company website subject to availability. The kicker is that they just started accepting cryptocurrencies a means of payment for these products. The 4 major cryptocurrencies mentioned earlier can now be used along with fiat currency payments to buy the exclusive offerings from The Boring Company.

As an entrepreneur, Elon Musk has never backed a project that did not become super-successful. Beginning from Paypal his journey as a co-founder is a testament to never bet against Elon. If he has made the decision to accept & explore cryptocurrency there can be a bigger scope of possibilities around the horizon. The entire Blockchain community sees it as a sign to take notice & start tracking his every move. All of Elon’s ventures have been based on providing solutions to age-old problems through next-gen technology. If blockchain & cryptocurrency are on his radar, it could be a very good news for the cryptocurrency market. He might just be able to solve the problem of decentralized currency vs protective regulation.

Elon has already exclaimed ownership of 25 Bitcoins which are nothing as compared to his net Worth of $20 Billion but he has been seen reading books on cryptocurrency. All of these signs point in the right direction & Elon can be the ray of hope in the current climate for the blockchain industry.


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