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Fake Telegram websites take over the Internet.


A total of nine new websites have been found to be associated with scams and fraudulent deals.The scammers have targeted the new bees in Telegram’s Multibillion-dollar ICO and developed a set of frauds.

The websites claim to sell Telegram Tokens and hence, have made use of attractive deals  to lure amateur investors. Majority of the sites claim that the sale will end by this Sunday and the price listed now is $1. Many of the websites have been reported and some of them have been taken down. But the number of scamming sites seem to increase with every passing day.

Most of the websites duplicate each other’s policies and have been found out to be exact replication of the rest except for a few details changed. The design, the schemes, the presentation are some of the shared contents of these websites. Moreover, many of the sites use exact words in describing the ICO.

“We present GRAM, the representative cryptocurrency of the TON Blockchain. 200 millions of [sic] Telegram users will get a TON wallet making it the world’s most adopted cryptocurrency, it will easily accommodate millions of users and thousands of decentralized applications, to provide direct payment channels to transfer value in milliseconds”,says one of the sites.

A lot of intellectual hardwork has been vested into these sites since some of domain names yield similar searches and initially seem to be legitimate.
For instance, is claimed to be under the registration of Pavel Durov while is reported to be under a Russian national, Vladimir Timofeev.

The increase in these reported scams have fetched a lot of attention but it is still not clear who exactly is buying this Telegram sales despite knowing there might be a possibility of a fraud. No reports have clearly stated the actions that are taken against these scammers.


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