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Fate of Digital currency still undecided in Russia.


After a whole year dedicated to discussions on digital regulations, the Russian Government has failed to formulate a uniformly opinionated abstract. The inactive and lifeless progression towards the aimed regulations, has been strongly objected to by local officials and technology-fanatics.
The lack of decision-making when it comes to the Cryptocurrency sector, has been a subject of concern for many people. Amidst all the countries promoting regulations of their own, Russia’s neglectful stance to the digital market is assessed as bad governance. The drafts of the unresolved subjects on Cryptocurrencies and Crowdfunding are supposed to be delivered in the coming few days.
According to Alexandr Brechalov, lead of Russian republic of Udmurtia, there is an ardent need to hurry up as “ Authorities and entrepreneurs have not been able to formulate a consolidated position on cryptocurrencies.”
Despite having many chances for advancement in the Crypto Industry, Russia’s indecisiveness is incomprehensible to many. The fact that digitalization would turn a beneficial step towards boosting the economy has been finely perceived by Brechalov, another eminent Russian politician, as he states, ““I heard suggestions about pilot projects. Udmurtia is ready to be the sandbox. “

The immoderate, extravagant caution for the growth of digital currency has been bashed and criticized by a number of young politicians. The legislation should promote justified guidelines to build a growing crypto economy. Among the 50, yet to be passed bills on digital economy, regulations of cryptocurrency exchanges and taxation of crypto money are the concerned topics.
The legal advisory committee of Russian Cryptocurrency sector has recently reported Bitsmedia, that a serious revision is needed for the Crypto Industry, if it needs to form a proper foundation.

Officials have clearly admitted their incapability to find a proper direction towards the proceedings. Whether the digital coins are to get legal or not, turns to be another major, unanswered question.

“We have two bills, on digital financial assets (cryptocurrencies) and on crowdfunding (ICOs), which are ready. We are closely working with the government and the Central Bank to quickly take the necessary decisions in the Duma”, Aksakov, chairman of Financial Market Committee stated.

The draft of the digital bill actually lacks a solid platform to put forth it’s regulations on. The future of leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin seems likely to stay undecided for a few more months. Although concerns over illegalities have been quoted by many officials, the draft permits the Crypto transactions from reputed exchanges.
It is about time that this increasing confusion needs to get settled.


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