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February Bitcoin Update.


After wandering near the $11,000 mark for this month, Bitcoin is finally ready to enter March with some level of optimism.

Bitcoin has remained stagnant at this level for about a day now without showing any flicker. Last month, Bitcoin closed at $10,221 and the profit has only been by the edge but the expected bull run might change the scenario in the coming few weeks.

This is no less an accomplishment when compared to the most severe, December’s low of $6000. This happens to be the second time in seven days that Bitcoin touched the $11,000 mark and this remains unchanged for a 24 hour now.

The daily trading volume has summed up to an average of 7.73 billion in February. This low is considered to be a repercussion of the increasing regulations and concerns from the global sectors.

In all probabilities, this volume is going to rise with the expected speculations, since digital sector’s rise in this age of technological upheaval is unstoppable.

Furthermore, this comeback from the intra-day highs above $11,000 could be predicted to be the clumsy price-relative strength index (RSI) divergence. And a burst below $9,280 would indicate the corrective rally from the February’s depression below $6,000 has terminated and would gradually open up along the line towards the $6,000 mark.

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