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Possible expansion of the Crypto trading world.


There is a high possibility that the cryptocurrency market is going to enlarge it’s space for newcomers,  in the very recent future. According to Thomson Reuters Corporation which is a Canadian information and mass media firm, there is a high possibility that the financial institutions will enter into the world of cryptocurrency very soon.

According to their research, about 20% of financial firms and institutions are trying to engage themselves in cryptocurrency trading market. And this is going to happen within the next one year. Not only this, out of these firms, more than half of them are making plans to enter into the market within six months of time.

Kevin Murcko, CEO of Coinmetro, spoke about how things are changing for the virtual currency market gradually. He added that banking sectors were naive about cryptocurrency who called these virtual currency as “assets of criminals and worthless”. But now the survey shows how things have driven in a different path towards the growth of the cryptocurrency world.

Thomson Reuters Corporation has surveyed about 400 clients. And more than 300,000 professionals related to financial firms gets access to the information about cryptocurrency through “Eikon”, a platform developed by the company.

Talking about the significant banks, Goldman Sachs has hired Justin Schmidt as a lead of digital assets of the company. Quoting one of the spokesperson of the company, “In response to client interest in various digital products, we are exploring how best to serve them in the space. Though they did not specify about its bandwidth yet but it’s pretty clear about their interest in digital market”.

Needless to say the Crypto market is watching it’s growth rapidly. According to speculations stated by Jeremy Allaire, chief executive of the bank, transactions of more than 100 million dollars by investors show the future rise of watermark.


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