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First Soros And Now Rockefellers To Invest In Crypto


According to the reports, it was previously believed that the legendary investor George Soros has been investing in cryptocurrency. And now the reports are claiming that Venrock which is a $3 Billion venture capital firm is going to invest in the crypto market.

A limited liability venture capital firm, Venrock owned by a storied American family, the Rockefellers have taken to cryptocurrency. The Rockefellers are now turning their sights on cryptocurrency projects and markets. Previously the investment zone for the Venrock firm was focused on technology and science. The laundry list of their investments involves various dominant companies of the world. Some of them majorly include Intel, Apple, AppNexus, Stratacom and many more. And now, cryptocurrency seems to be a logical progression for them.

Since the family Rockefellers carries some certain cache with the Americans, therefore, it might appear that the firm does not move its path that much quick towards the circle of crypto market initially. The Rockefellers are best known for the Standford Oil, which has been growing out of late 19th and 20th century in order to confer on the family previous unheard levels of wealth. Apart from this, the family has been a subject of the landmark of the Supreme Court’s decisions regarding the monopolies of the oil.

The holding of the Rockefellers is vast as if you tour the city of New York then it would reveal a Rockefeller Center, a Museum of Modern Arts, a former World Trade Centres and many more. Besides this, they are also known for serving high government posts from the Vice President of The United States to Senator and everywhere in between these. In fact, one can get to know about the power and wealth the family has by the synonym they are given which is outrageously rich.

A candidate of Venrock, David Pakman explained that there are various other traders as well in the crypto market having a lot of cryptocurrency funds, but their’s is different. In fact, for them, it is more of a venture capital, as he told Fortune. He also talked about their partnership with Coinfund, which is an investor group exclusively know for investments in startups based on cryptocurrency. He explained his mo0tive of collaborating with this team by saying that they actually combinedly want to help to architect a number of different crypto economies and crypto-based startups and projects.  Coinfund is originally known for facilitating its help for ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) to the startups.


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