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For Data Broadcasting, Blockstream Launches a Beta Version of Satellite API


According to an official statement made on January 16, Blockstream (A Blockchain Technology Company) will be launching a beta version of its well planned Blockstream Satellite API intended to developers broadcast data through the company satellite network. This action is built over the company’s satellite service expansion which took place in the month of December last year while BTC (Bitcoin) blockchain was being broadcasted on a global scale.  The Bitcoins space initiative intended to make cryptocurrency networks independent from a land-based internet connection in order to increase its stability.

‘Data Agnostic’ is the latest product of Blockstream which essentially permits the use of its satellite for encrypted messages. Users pay for this service through lightning testnet which in other words mean, broadcasting is free for the time being. While developers can send through messages via RESTful API, users can only do that through the Blockstream website.

In order to make sure that all messages are transmitted within a span of ten seconds, Blockstream Satellite API team has limited the characters that can be used in a message. According to the announcement made, developers have been asked to use their own fragmentation, encryption and collection of large messages when required to transmit large chunks of data.

Privacy being the most crucial aspect of the product, decryption of the received data sent from the internet via a broadcast medium is authorised only to a specific user or a group. The announcement also suggests that concerning payment for the service, an additional level of privacy is enabled by the Lightning Networks which permanently disconnects the source of payment and the destination.

The first time Blockstream shared its plans of developing a satellite network was in August 2017, when the company claimed that it would ‘connect everyone on the planet’. Nasa (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) from the United States proposed a blockchain based air traffic management system using an open source blockchain system to administer a private, secure and an anonymous communication with air traffic service.


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