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A fourteen year old develops a voting device for Cryptos.


A fourteen year old has developed a new device, ‘Bitcoin Voice’, that lets the users vote on subjects related to the Bitcoin community.

Alex Pasfield, a teenager of fourteen,  has been working on codes since he was nine years of age. Recently, he has been working on digital coins and has successfully introduced a device that enables the BTC and BCH users to vote on any clauses related to their respective communities.

The site reads that it “may be utilized as a verifiable voting record of blockchain users weighted by their transaction amounts.”

First coding at Nine.

Pasfield has been learning programming from his father and has learnt p2p, uncensored, global money managements. After that the little genius was paid by Sweden and Australian communities to create cryptocurrency and blockchain programs.

Pasfield recalls that he used to go on bicycle rides with his father and that is when he started learning about the procedures of programming languages. He was so interested that he came back and wrote his first program that very day. Since then there’s no looking back and Pasfield has learnt so much that he has developed an application that allows the Crypto community to vote on relevant subjects.

“I was working with some of my smart friends who were building solutions in this space, and we saw the debacle that unfolded with the censorship on the /r/bitcoin subreddit that prevented the community from freely discussing how to evolve the Bitcoin protocol”, Pasfield explains.

The site will be going live soon with detailed instructions about the procedures. Introspecting the scaling programs and figuring out the answers to those problems can turn out to be solution for various coins. He has taken up this developing journey to let the coin users have an official “verifiable voice to influence the coin that they’re invested in”.


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