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Gladius GLA Tokens Now Trading on Kucoin


Gladius, the blockchain based platform that works to mitigate distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and offers secure access to websites, recently announced that it will have its native token, GLA, listed on Kucoin, a popular cryptocurrency exchange.

About gladius and what it does to prevent cybercrimes

Gladius, with its core focus on preventing cybercrimes with DDoS attack mitigation, also works to provide faster access to websites through its decentralized content delivery network (CDN). By ensuring that customer websites get to leverage from its blockchain’s offerings, Gladius provides a unique solution for the prevention of growing cybercrimes.

One of Gladius’ core functionalities is to utilize unused resources – that is to say, if a participant is not utilizing their virtual bandwidth to its fullest extent, then they can “rent out” their spare resources to be used as fuel for Gladius’ DDoS attack mitigation and CDN services.

These unique offerings set Gladius in a class of its own, and the network hopes to grow in the near future.

Details on gladius gla token launch on kucoin

Kucoin marks the first centralized exchange listing for Gladius.

Gladius has made this happen at the perfect time, since it has its beta product launch scheduled for the end of this month and more and more users are bound to be in requirement of GLA while utilizing the network.

By having its GLA token listed on the Kucoin platform, Gladius will make sure that new users who need the GLA to utilize functionalities, such as the building of pools and powering up network nodes, get to do so without any hassle.


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