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GoByte, a new addition to the Crypto family.


GoByte, an innovative digital currency, has become a global name. With independent networking system, faster and safer network is provided through a single blockchain technology. It has established it’s foundation all over the world from United States to India and has set up a distinct and unique record of excellence for itself. However, the biggest determining factor of it’s unparalleled history, is the fact of it being a decentralized platform.

GoByte is an improved and developed version of digitalization which works on masternode technology with 50 percent Reward and provides safer and anonymous trading. As per reports, the chances of it’s unmatched growth is cent percent.
All wallets of GoByte are now ready for download which includes GoByte Window, Mac, Linux. Being an independent, decentralized establishment, GoByte is not under any country’s regulations. Most investors want to buy GoByte solely for the purpose of profitable returns.
GoByte has special nodes called Masternodes which is set up for users of a few noted cryptocurrencies. The masternode can be setup by any users and he/she needs to fasten a stable number of coins in it. The InstantSend and PrivateSend features are enabled to assist in “Atomic swaps”.

To create a masternode in GoByte, locking of 1000 GoBytes as a subordinate amount, is necessary. This cannot be spent but it stays in your wallet. Users can then run the masternode by themselves or seek help from a service provider. Daily payments are made and the yield produced, varies according to the masternode count,at that point of time.

The profit per masternode is dependent on the following factors:
• The present price of the masternode coin.
• The frequency of valuation, paid out.
• The cost to run the node.
• The initial investment to start the masternode.

The InstantSend option allows faster transactions and also solves the problem of double-spending compared to other exchanges like Bitcoin. Privacy is a priority in GoByte and the original source of the investment is effectively masked. The PrivateSend option, an optional feature mixes all the transaction details with the rest of the lot so that the anonymity is maintained.
The economic significance of GoByte needs to be perceived. The cheaper fees and the ‘ inability to reverse transactions’ is a plus of using GoByte. It’s high time that the risks of traditional payment methods like credit cards be understood and technological advances like GoByte becomes a popular means of transaction.


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