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IBM to issue an app powered by blockchain


According to public filing reports, IBM is said to test software applications on blockchain technology.

The reports by U.S patent and Trademark Office,  says that the company will be using blockchain technology to provide “simple and secure infrastructure for testing applications”. It would do so by setting aside testing works to the miners which would reward them with cryptos on completion of the tasks.

This system is said to diminish the amount of money and resources spent on the cloud-based testing setup.

“Software automation testing has become more hardware intensive as the complexity and requirements of new software applications continues to increase… To run automation test cases at a needed frequency requires a large hardware pool of resources which can exponentially increase as the test cases and number of applications increase”, stated the filing.

The official papers were listed in December, 2016 which talks of three propositions. Firstly, it shows a method through which it seeks to test “package associated with an application” that could be entered in a node network and run through contract documents. The smart contracts would then give up all the required information for execution of the test and the rewards.

The process “may also include receiving results based on the test” as well as “recording the results in a blockchain.”

Along with this, IBM aims to set an assortment of tools that would allow the transmitter to send test requests and a receiver,  to accept the reports that would then be updated on the blockchain.

Lastly, the filing states of a “non-transitory computer” for the purpose of storage of information, ready to convey a test postulation and accept the results. This results will then be saved and stored on the blockchain.

Another such patent was filed by IBM in 2012 which claimed to trace the valuation of Cryptos.


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