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ICO Goes Live for Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Streamity


Streamity, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, had the first phase of its initial coin offering (ICO) go live on March 12.

The ICO will continue until March 25 with a 15 percent bonus for investors taking part in this round.

After this, Streamity will have a second and final phase of the crowdsale ICO start on April 16, ending it on April 28.

Streamity’s ICO process has a hard cap of $20 million, which when reached, will allow the cryptocurrency exchange to allocate the funds towards different segments of its operations, with up to 40 percent of the funds being reserved for further development of the project.

What sets streamity apart from other decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges?

Streamity’s offering is different in a manner where it is not just an over the counter trading exchange, but also allows peer-to-peer transactions while supporting fiat-to-cryptocurrency conversions.

It will utilize smart contracts for the execution of its transactions in order to ensure the utmost security during funds transfer. In addition to this, it will provide analytical and informational resources to help its users make day to day decisions for their cryptocurrency investments.

Streamity also aims to make sure that all of these solutions are easy to access for the everyday user, for which it will focus on making its mobile app a one stop shop for all of its offerings.

Why icos and platforms for decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are needed

The growing cyberattacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and the hacks and loss of funds that result from these practices have created a more dire need than ever for these exchange operations to be decentralized – or be performed by using the added security of blockchain technology.

This has given a newfound vigor to the idea of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, as more and more ventures keep coming to the forefront.

While it seems like there is now an overabundance of such platforms, more competition between them would eventually mean that the end user could benefit from a better line of overall services.


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