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ICO to Launch Soon for Monaco Estate, a Blockchain Based Real Estate Rental Platform


Blockchain has brought about some of the most interesting use cases of the technology, and we are not just referring to cryptocurrencies.

Whether it is about recording medical data, monetizing analytical views, or retaining access to one’s browsing history, the blockchain industry has provided individual users with solutions that could not have been offered before.

Another interesting use case is now being added to that distinct list, which is for users to invest in real estate through blockchain, and reap profits from the rental income generated from them.

Monaco estate – real estate rentals through blockchain

The solution is being offered by Monaco Estate, a private initiative that will utilize blockchain technology to allow its users to invest in real world properties in the city-state of Monaco, which would then be offered on rent to interesting parties.

The rental income generated from the process would be termed as the “profit” from the initial investment by the user, and thus, it would bring about a real estate-backed investment token that tells you where exactly it is generating its profits from (unlike the infamous BitConnect).

Monaco Estate was founded by Daniel Golding, who is confident of the venture due to his experience within the real estate industry.

The company will begin its token pre-sale on May 1, 2018.

The project’s whitepaper can be studied here.


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