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ICO Launching for Gambling and Betting Platform Betrium


Betrium, a blockchain based online gambling and betting platform, recently announced its plans to launch its main initial coin offering (ICO) on March 26.

Apart from providing online gambling and betting services, Betrium also offers decentralized exchange services which work towards effective management of payments for its sports betting solutions.

What does betrium do?

The Betrium platform aims to streamline the operations of gambling and betting industries by facilitating their operations through various solutions of its own. And by leveraging the safety, transparency, and effective of blockchain technology, Betrium is confident to achieve that objective.

Some of the key aspects of the Betrium platform would be its support for all sports events at around 30 countries, with worldwide fund deposits and withdrawals making it easier for the global market to participate in games and bets that they would not have been able to do so otherwise.

The platform would also ensure that it only charges a minimal fee of 0-1 percent on fund deposits and withdrawals, as well as any winnings. Furthermore, no taxes would be levied on the provided services.

Betrium also offers the execution of bets off-chain for them to go through instantly, and supports multiple cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zerocoin and Dash. It also offers an event organization facility through its network to facilitate organizers to hold special betting events.

Brief details on the planned betrium ico

Betrium previously held a pre-sale for the project, during which it raised around $1.2 million. It now aims to build upon it and raise more than $5 million from its main ICO event.

The total supply of BTRM, Betrium’s native token, is recorded at 63 million tokens.


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